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The popular, award winning amateur dramatic society of


The Wayfarers Drama Group is the oldest surviving dramatic society in Weston-super-Mare.

Made up from members from our community of all different ages and abilities, who like to get involved with our very own 'Theatre in the Hut' and widen their social life.

Some of our members enjoy the limelight on stage, whilst others are happy to help behind the scenes with scenery, lighting, sound, costumes and helping out front of house. There is a job for everyone!

Why not get in touch to find out more? You could start by coming to one of our shows to see what goes on at 'The Hut'.


If you are interested in joining us, please complete the form below.

Join Us

If you'd like to be a part of The Wayfarers Drama Group or Act One (our junior section) please use this form to tell us about yourself.

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Let us know what you'd be interested in

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